Welcome to Kykylaakso – the humane business city!

Kykylaakso is an innovative growth centre. Our area has thriving and constantly evolving business life. We offer companies competitive premises for building a business – many companies have begun their success stories in Kykylaakso.
The strategy and agenda of the city focus on participatory design, taking advantage of social media and developing our services. In its vision, Kykylaakso aims at strong growth in both the number of citizens as well as the number of jobs. The more companies, jobs and people come to Kykylaakso, the better prerequisites the city has for facing the challenges of the future.

You will find Finnish pages at Kykylaakso Kaupunki

Despite its strong business nature, Kykylaakso is a humane town which acknowledges its inhabitants individually. We are close to people and nature.

Kykylaakso is a good place to live and to endeavour!



Oivalla – Savonia AMK

Oivalla has been Kykylaakso’s trading partner for a good number of years now. It is located 320km to the east of Kykylaakso. Oivalla is a city where a vibrant business life meets a relaxed lifestyle.