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Hasselhoff is one of the largest international wholesale consolidated corporations in central and northern Europe. It has offices and importation in ten countries. Hasselhoff Suomi started operating in 2002. Its headquarters and logistics centre are located in Helsinki, but it operates all over Finland.


The company’s product range consists of office supplies, ICT, professional quality cleaning products, textiles, health products as well as printing supplies. Hasselhoff represents nearly 100 well-known and trusted brands. The most important goal for Hasselhoff is a satisfied customer. On-line business covers over 80% of all sales now. The company’s aim is to offer its business customers even more added value through fast electric services.


Contract customers
As a contract customer you ensure your company’s needs are comprehensively taken into account. We work in close collaboration with our customers as we develop our product range. Our customers may ask us to add new products at a fairly short notice.

Purchasing takes place through our on-line store, and our registered customers get company-specific registration IDs. The products are delivered in 2-4 working days and the invoice is sent to the customer’s e-mail. The delivery terms are CPT (Carriage Paid To) and term of payment is 14 days net. As a contract customer, you may ask for more payment time for individual invoices.

As a contract customer you may also apply to be a retailer and get a 40% discount of any retailed products.


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