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Occupational health care centre Saikku offers occupational health care services in Kykylaakso. Saikku offers high-quality, reliable and comprehensive occupational health care services to companies who wish to take good care of their most important capital: people.

Saikku’s services are based on good occupational health care practices and Occupational Safety and Health Act. Its aim is to promote both mental and physical well-being of employees and work communities and to ensure the access to high-quality, flexible and individual occupational health care services in all stages of the working career.

High-quality occupational health care services since 2000.



Preventive occupational health services

Saikku’s preventive occupational health care services consist of all measures defined in the Occupational Safety and Health Act as well as the check-ups belonging to good occupational healthcare service.

  • workplace survey
  • strategy
  • occupational health examination before starting work
  • health examination every third year
  • personnel psychosocial load survey (individual) every third year

Preliminary filling of the annual Kela reimbursement is also included. The office fees are charged separately to the operative service price list.

Extensive occupational healthcare

The extensive occupational healthcare ensures comprehensive and flexible medical care for personnel. The company doctor may direct the patient to a specialist if required, and the responsibility remains with the company doctor.


The use of the extensive occupational health care package is charged based on Saikku’s occupational health care service prices. The prices are checked annually.


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